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I Miss Byunghee :'(
Saturday, 8 June 2013 • 9:51 pm

Assalamualaikum & 안녕하세요

Night like this, suddenly feel lonely. I miss him. When you look at episode 3, he's not there anymore. Therefore, this entry appeared to express my crazy feelings. Who Byunghee? Had a look korean drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, you will know who he is. Wahh! Suddenly feel sad. Haha, Mira relax, it's just a character in a story that is created only. It is not true. So, chill okay?

Yes, I wish he were here now. I miss he crazy behavior. I missed the way how he talk. I miss his finger that wearing a lot of rings. I miss he hair that's unmanageable. Everything about him, I miss. This sentences, suddenly make me cry. Yes, I'm  crazy, crazy about him. 

It's seem like I really really need him, right ? You must been thinking that I'm really crazy person, but I don't care what you want to talk about me. 

But, even if I cry out tears of blood, he will not appear. All of this is ridiculous. But, I really don't care all of this. Because, I reall miss him right now. Before he last character died, 

And he said that,

And the end, I just can repeat all the scenes that only have he's face.
I Miss You, ByungHee :'(

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