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I'm Back
Sunday, 2 June 2013 • 11:51 pm

Assalamualaikum & 안녕하세요

Hahhhh ! I'm coming back :)

Silent for a long time in the blogging world, I have finally come back again. Whether you like it or not, I will still continue my struggle in the world of blogging. During my silence, blog traffic started to decline, chat box began to isolate himself, followers start to quit. The problem arises that remains unresolved caused me to stop for a moment to type something on the blog.

Marriage vibrant place, dad was in the hospital for the operation, the shortage of money and many more cause I'm getting desperate for work. However, this destiny, we can not reject or change it. However, the people around me inspire me to continue to strive in life.

Promise live promise. I must admit that this offense was. Should not promise if I can not deliver. Please forgive my mistakes on the aggressors. I was only able to apologize, you are defining. Gifts still in my possession. Busy shuttle to the hospital cause I do not have time to post all the gifts. Similarly, money is often not enough of one of the barrier. The money saved was used for daily expenses. Once again I'm sorry for breaking a promise to you.

Finally, God willing, I will start active as usual. Join all segments, giveaway, contest and many more. Give me another chance to live back in the blogging world.

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